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Nisha Millet

Director and Program head

Olympian (Sydney 2000) and Arjuna Awardee. Head Age group coach of the NMSA Blue Marlins competitive swim team.
Biggest smile of the lot!!!

Sharath Chandra

Head Coach - NMSA Marlins

Head Coach NMSA Marlins, Asca level 1&,2 Certified Austwim TSW & INF
Shifts from good cop to bad cop once he hits the pool deck!!

Bikranjit Chatterjee

Head of Ops and Biz Dev

Certified AUSTSWIM TSW, ASCTA level 1 
The grumpy voice on the phone due to answering 1000 calls a day!!

Sumesh S

Assistant Head Coach NMSA Black Marlins

Certified AUSTWIM TSW, ASCA level 1 & NIS short course. Represented kerela at the swimming nationals

The health freak who never touches sugar!!

Pauravi Shah    


Our photography pro and can generally be found handling classes at the Hilton Hotel and Ulsoor

Berlin Meitei

Coach - XLR8

An ex national level water polo player and is KSA level 1 certified. Kids love his classes especially the fun stuff at the end of class. 

Manjit Singh

Coach - Ulsoor/ Catholic Club/ KGA

Completing AUSTSWIM TSW.
Always shows up a little late but is still a favorite with the students for his poolside manner. 

Elvis Joseph

Coach - NMSA Striped Marlins

The only thing he loves more than coaching our budding competitive swimmers is his online video games. 

Sanjoy Yumlembam

Coach - Cambridge Public School and
Mercure Hotel

A former water polo player for Manipur and an ASCA level 1 certified coach.
Always stylish both inside the pool and out. Gets the best reviews from the parents at mercure. 

Yaiphibi Thokchom

Coach - Mallya Aditi Int School

Affectionately called Phobe by the kids. Always laughing and keeping the kids excited about their swimming!

Sunil HS 

Coach - VR Mall and Ulsoor

Former national level diver and completing AUSTSWIM TSW

The only one qualified to do a handstand dive off the high board at ulsoor!!   .

Sanju Yumlembam

Coach - Cambridge public School and Mecure Hotel

Keeps adults and kids in his classes at Mercure in high spirits. Loves to go biking when hes back home in Manipur.

Priyanka Pai

Aqua Pilates and Ladies batches @ Ulsoor

A national level swimmer and certified Pilates instructor who combines her two passions at the pool. 
Most at home trekking the mountains whenever she has a break.

Sachin M

Coach - NMSA White Marlins

KSA LEVEL 1 LIFEGAURD & Teaching Certification, 
One of our youngest coaches but has a great rapport with all the swimmers

Abhinav Prakash

Coach - Advanced level Ulsoor and
Novotel Hotel

ASCA level 1 and 2 and AUSTSWIM TSW
The student who got obsessed with swimming and then became a coach.
He can give you swimming stats in a flash!!

Pooja Ranga

Ladies and kids batches - Ulsoor and Catholic Club

Ex national level swimmer and now her son trains with the NMSA competitive team. Shes taken her love for swimming one step further by starting coaching.
Also makes the best healthy brownies!!

Abhishek Lobo   

Intemediate and Advanced Adults - Ulsoor

50 m breaststroke national record holder. His classes are always unique and he always gets people coming back for more!!
Never a dull moment around Lobo

Vignesh Rao

Coach - Catholic Club and Ulsoor

An ex state level swimmer who is also a hotel management graduate. 
The kids dont stress him out, but his post swim hair care routine does!

Daniel Rodrigues

Coach - XLR8

He can get the most difficult to handle kids to come back the next day.
His love of the water is only exceeded by his love of breeding dogs.

Richard Rice

Coach - Catholic Club & Ulsoor

Certified AUSTWIM TSW, ASCA level 1 & NIS short course. 
Been with us the longest and kids love the crazy nicknames he comes up with and fun activities.

Anagha / Krithika

Toddler Batches - Koramangala

They've been swimming with Nisha since they were 5 and are now AUSTSWIM TSW and Infant qualified.
Moonlight as engineers when they're not in the pool!!

Anusha Rathor

Facebook page editor and part time coach ladies batch

AUSTSWIM TSW Certified. Swam with Nisha for most of her life and coached for the rest of her life.
Best known for her editing and spell checking our FB page. One of the biggest Harry Potter fans!

Nishwath Hassan 

Toddler Parent Batch - Catholic Club

AUSTSWIM TSW and Infant Certified. Her interests are varied from running a full marathon for fun to also being a NOLS certified trek leader as well as working with NGO's.

Kishore Kumar

Coach - Ulsoor

KSA level 1 certified.
Always a big grin before and after class.


We maintain a 1:8 ratio for beginner and intermediate level kids. For adults it is 1:10 and for advanced swimmers the ratio would depend on the level the participants are working at.

Your first point of contact is the coach as he / she is present during your classes. Please feel free to have a friendly discussion with the coach as most issues can be resolved at this level. If this does not work then you can either email or call 98453-98443. Please give us time to respond especially in summer.

Please refrain from bringing up issues such as parking / maintenance / class related issues with the reception desks and management of hotels and clubs as they cannot address the same and this needs to be routed to the academy. 

Swimsuit, towel and cap (in case of long hair).

Goggles are optional but highly recommended especially for beginner kids.Kids should be given kids size goggles (available at Speedo stores).  For adults the best test is to see if you are comfortable keeping your eyes open in the shower. If you are ok to keep your eyes open in the shower then you probably wont need goggles for the class. 

Swimsuits can be any type of length. Swimsuits cannot be cotton or denim material and also cannot be white as this becomes transparent in water.

Waterproof sunblock is recommended for daytime classes. SPF 30 or above and completely waterproof. Please note that it is not chlorine that leads to a tan, hence if you swim in an early morning or late evening batch, you will not get tanned and hence do not need to use sunblock.

Each individual is different so it will never be the case that all participants in a camp will attain the same level of skill. Generally our camps progress quickly and we are proud to say that a large number of the participants learn how to cross the pool by the end of the camp. For a reference of our skill based certificate levels please click on the certificate link in the menu bar at the top of this page. 

On the first day of class, please bring up any medical issues such as asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions and any injuries / surgeries. Alternatively for children if there are any learning disabilities the coach needs to be aware of this. It is extremely important that these are discussed openly with the coach so that the class may be modified accordingly.