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Toddler - Parent Classes
Age group 1-4 Years
Skills taught are Front and Back Floats, Mobility in water, Safe entry and exits and breath control

Starfish (Beginner Level 1)

Kids above age 4 years
Skills taught are breath control and submerging, front and back float, freestyle kick and arm action

Turtle (Beginner Level 2) 

Kids who are able to move in the water for a short distance with assistance from the coach.
Skills taught are freestyle with side breathing, treading water and backstroke

Frog (Intermediate Level 1)

Kids who can swim a lap of the pool freestyle with side breathing without assistance. Skills taught are backstroke, breaststroke and diving skills

Dolphin (Intermediate Level 2) 

Kids who can swim lenghts of freestyle and backstroke. Skills taught are breaststroke, butterfly, swimming underwater and standing dives

Shark (Advanced Level 1) 

Swimmers who can swim all 4 strokes and are looking at improving endurance.
Skills taught include distance swimming, individual medleys and basic water rescue skills

Bronze (Adult Beginner) 

Adults who are starting out in the pool with no prior experience. Skills taught are breathing, floating, freestyle and backstroke basics

 Silver (Adult Intermediate)

Adults who are able to swim a lap of freestyle. 
Skills taught are freestyle, backstroke breaststroke and dives

Gold (Adult Advanced)

Adults who can swim free, back and breaststroke, Skills taught are butterfly, treading water and improving endurance.

All Star (Advanced Level 2) 

Adults and kids who can swim multiple laps and strokes and are looking at competing at school level / club level competitions. Skills taught are aerobic endurance, sprinting, starts and turns